Intercultural Mutuality

Intercultural mutuality implies a working relationship between people of different cultures, based upon a mutual inter-cultural appreciation and compatibility of gifts, talents, characteristics and culture—all of which is rooted in a shared, vocational commitment to serving God’s eternal purpose, the missio Dei.



The great test of the validity and value of authentic spirituality is not how it fares amidst the affirmation and celebration of cultic community, nor in the isolation of physical separation from the world’s hustle and bustle. It is rather how it fares when brought right up alongside and against those places … Continue reading Spirituality

Bet Hamidrash

My father wanted me to become a rabbi, just as his father had wanted him to be. For the past 2000 years or so, any Orthodox Jew who wanted his son to become a rabbi would send him to a Hebrew School called a yeshiva, also called a bet hamidrash, a “house of research.” The name comes from the words bet, meaning “house” and doresh which means “to seek, ask, question or research.”

From the very first day in the yeshiva, our textbook was the Torah. Continue reading “Bet Hamidrash”

The Open Secret

Lesslie Newbigin, 1995, 250pp.

A review

There is no participation in Christ without participation in his mission to the world.

In The Open Secret Lesslie Newbigin, missionary statesman and much loved former Bishop of South India, set outs his theology of mission, in two complementary phases. (more…)